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Our first Green School's flag

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

We are hoping to achieve our first Green School's flag for litter and waste this school year (2017-2018). The current members of our committee are Liam O'Connor (6th Class), Heather Lees (6th Class), Rebecca Dilworth (5th Class), Daire Cummins (4th Class), Conor Gleeson (4th Class), Laura Creagh (3rd Class) and Isobel Walsh (2nd Class). The committee have regular meetings with Ms. O'Connor and Ms. Irwin in our efforts to keep the school litter free.

Each classroom has three bins for waste, recycling and pencil toppings. The pencil toppings have been used to create beautiful artwork which is currently displayed in the school foyer. The bins are checked by committee members to ensure the children in each classroom are using them correctly. Two members of the committee use litter pickers to clean the school grounds each week. The committee also informs each class of our latest news.

​The teachers are also involved by keeping the staffroom free of litter, using specific bins for teabags, waste and recycling. We encourage all staff members to be as economical as possible when photocopying sheets, etc. There is also a battery collection point in the school foyer for both staff and the wider community.


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